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What Our Customers are Saying About Us


For the past decade kitchen design, sales and project management has an exciting field to be in. We experience an economic environment that challenges us as a dealer to provide the best product at the most competitive prices. Our decision to partner with Compass Marketing has been vital to our success. Compass Marketing works in pace with our efforts, always assisting us on the front lines with creative sales support, partnering in marketing efforts and training us on the latest in cabinet offerings. Equally important is their ability to liaison with manufacturing to expedite critical parts and provide solutions both on and off the jobsite to ensure our clients are satisfied. As a team, we work together to exceed expectations and deliver the best product the market has to offer. If you are looking to become a premiere kitchen design firm - start with Compass Marketing.

Gail M. O’Rourke President/Designer White Wood Kitchens

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My name is Glen Williamson and I manage 3 small Kitchen and Bath businesses in southern New Hampshire.  I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Leek and his team at Compass Marketing Inc. since August of 2011.
Compass Marketing sets themselves aside from the typical marketing group in many ways.  They truly are a TEAM as each representative collaborates with their peers to ensure that the dealers receive accurate information and a high level of service.  In addition, they have become an integral part of OUR TEAM over the many years we have worked together.
As things change very quickly in this business Jim and his team stay on top of the latest trends, they understand their competition, and with this knowledge “they change with the times” and this prevents both themselves and the dealers they represent from “going stale”.  This is critical in todays ever changing environment and we can always count on them to keep us informed on the latest marketing information.
We simply do business with Compass Marketing because we can count on them to support us when the need arises, and our relationship continues to grow stronger as time passes on.  The Kitchen and Bath business is mostly creative, fun, exciting, and rewarding.  On occasion and for many reasons there are projects that require special attention, improved price points, or an abundance of service and support.  As a dealer we never feel that we have been left out on an island to fend for ourselves.  We can always count on Jim and his team when we need them to help us manage ourselves through the occasional “tough ones”.
I highly recommend Compass Marketing without hesitation to any Kitchen and Bath dealer who is looking for a group who is highly skilled, knowledgeable, very supportive, and quite frankly a fun group of people to work with.

Glen Williamson

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We do business with Compass Marketing because of the relationship that Jim develops with his clients. I am all about good relationships if you want to steer a business in the right direction for success. Jim is one of the most knowledgeable representatives in our industry where knowledge of product is rarely seen. If you care about your clients then partnering with a good, honest company with good products of caring manufacturers is a must. I highly recommend sitting down with Compass to see where they can help and fill your needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Tim Holick
Wood Palace Kitchens Inc.


I have been working with Compass Marketing for over ten years in many different capacities. Their level of professionalism, service and knowledge of the cabinet industry is outstanding. Compass has been there for me and for my company through thick and thin. They truly are a business partner.

Paul, Owner of White Stone Cabinetry, LLC

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I am writing this letter of recommendation for Compass Marketing who we 
have worked with for nearly 5 years! 

When opening our Kitchen and Bath Showroom a few years ago, we were 
very selective on the companies we wanted to align with and the brands we 
want to carry. We knew from the very first meeting with Compass that they 
would be a good fit! They carry the best products in the industry and 
deliver excellent customer service. 

They are always willing to assist us with all of our marketing needs and 
stand by there products. They have demonstrated the highest level of 
customer service, which has enabled us to continue to grow and expand our 

If you are looking for a team that will be there for your business for years to 
come, Compass Marketing is the one for you! 


Daniel Quinlan 

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