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Jim Leek

Principal Rep

In my almost 40 years in this industry I have been blessed to work across a broad spectrum of market channels.

Having worked on the manufacturing side running sales, as a dealer in contractor and retail operations, as the owner of a custom wood shop, and specializing in Government Contracts.

This has given me empathy and understating of the pain each channel represents and a love to help share what others have shared with me.

I love creative thinkers and people who have a passion for what they do. Outside the industry I was blessed with 6 children.

Most weekends you will find me on a tractor in Maine spending time with my wife Sabre growing a wide variety of things on a small farm with a bonfire at night.

Sabre and I love to cook together and challenge our children to be creative in the kitchen as well.

I have a passion for old 65-66 Mustangs and doing Silversmithing. Mostly I love learning new things.


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